Dance of the Goblin Pipers

Dance of the Goblin Pipers is a gothic new year fairytale for children (and adults) to enjoy. Written entirely in verse and brought to life with stunning illustrations by Ayrshire artist, Scott McGregor. Dance of the Goblin Pipers is the 2nd in a series of childrens books entitled; The Terrible Tales of Netherwold.

Dance of the Goblin Pipers is available as an audiobook, featuring Sylvester McCoy (Dr Who & The Hobbit) as Curious McAyeMichelle Fairley (Game of Thrones) as the Granny, and is narrated by Jimmy Chisholm (Braveheart, Mrs Brown).  Also available as an eBook from our onlineshop.

Age range: 4 – 10 years of age.

Every New Year’s Eve, strange, screechy sounding music echoes down from the snowy peaks of Glencoe, but just who is playing it is a mystery. One New Year’s Eve, Curious MacKay, an overly curious boy who lives in the Scottish highland village of Glentumpshe, is sent to deliver porridge to his Granny, who lives in an old croft house at the foot of Glencoe’s mountains.

Granny tells Curious a tale of three strange sisters who had once lived in the mountains, and were said to have been witches. As he leaves the cottage, Curious hears the sound of ghostly bagpipes and sees a silvery path leading up into the mountains. He hears a voice on the wind call his name and begins to wonder . . .


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Curious turns his horse, Whiskymac, and sets off up the silvery pathway, ignoring his Granny’s warning not to follow the music, should he hear it, and of the fate of others who did. But Curious cannot resist. Among the snowy peaks of Glencoe, Curios finds a New Year Ball in full swing, with bagpipe-playing goblins, fearsome sabre-toothed haggis, and other mythical Scottish creatures, reeling and jigging across Full Moon Heath. Alongside them are ghosts of the old clans, mounted redcoats riding skeleton horses, being watched by the ghosts of Robert the Bruce, the Braveheart, and Rob Roy McGregor. Curious joins the party, and the new year bells begin to ring . . . and that’s when the trouble begins. The tale is written entirely in verse with stunning illustrations by Scott McGregor.


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