The Legend of Mordekai Hagg

The Legend of Mordekai Hagg is a gothic fairytale for children (and adults) to enjoy. Written entirely in verse and brought to life with stunning illustrations by Ayrshire artist, Scott McGregor. It is the 1st in the series of books entitled – The Terrible Tales of Netherwold.

The Legend of Mordekai Hagg is available as an audiobook, narrated by Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings) and featuring Jimmy Cosmo (Game of Thrones/Highlander) as Dragontail Slimefinger, with Jimmy Chisholm (Braveheart, Mrs Brown) as Mordekai Hagg.  Also available as an eBook from our onlineshop.

Age range: 4 – 10 years of age.


Mordekai Hagg lives in the village of Crooked Spyre, at the edge of Hackenbarke Forest, one of dark forests in the Kingdom of the Three Forests. Mordekai is a scallywag, rude and lazy to boot. One fine day, after stealing some cakes from the baker, Runcible Floursack, and having picnic instead of going to school, he finds an golden lamp hidden in a hole in an ancient looking oak tree. He rubs the lamp and a strange blue genie appears and offers Mordekai a wish. Mordekai wishes for fame and fortune and slaves to do his bidding.

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‘The genie gives Mordekai a map showing a secret pathway through the forest. The pathway, the genie tells him, leads to the entrance to a dark underground kingdom – the Kingdom of Netherwold, where a  fortune in dwarves gold and jewels is supposed to exist. Mordekai, enraptured by the story, sets out to steal the fortune for himself.

On his journey, Mordekai meets a friendly elf called Dandelion, a fierce forest troll called Slobberchops and a grumpy old dwarf called Grumblethump.  One by one, they tell him to return to his home, as the entrance to the Kingdom of Netherwold is guarded by a ferocious ogre named Blackhorn Bonegrinder, who will let no-one pass.  But Mordekia’s greed is too great, so he will not be turned.

Will Mordekai find the fortune in dwarves gold, and, if he does, will all his wishes come true?

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