The Witch Of The East

The Witch of the East is a gothic fairytale for children (and adults) to enjoy. A tale of nasty goblins, trolls and ogres, red wolves and good faeries. Written entirely in verse and brought to life with stunning illustrations by Ayrshire artist, Scott McGregor. It is the 1st in the series of stories entitled The Tales of Mordekai Hagg, originating from Mordekai Hagg;s adventures in The Terrible Tales of Netherwold.

The Witch of the East is available as an audiobook, narrated scots actor, Jimmy Chisholm (Braveheart, Mrs Brown) as Mordekai Hagg, and featuring Siobhan Redmond (Dr Who, Eastenders) playing the parts of both the Witch and the Princess.  Also available as an eBook from our onlineshop.

Age range: 4 – 10 years of age.


After rescuing the beautiful Princess Gorgonzella from a deep dark hole in the ground, the kind and gentle Faerysouls from Sweetascanbee Castle are invited to attend a fabulous party at her home, deep in the heart of Ringfinger Forest, the easternmost forest of the Kingdom of the Three Forests. After being met by two seemingly friendly forest goblins, Grizzenbeard and Scryne, the faerysouls are guided along a lonely winding pathway, at the end of which lies a rickety old house.

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But Princess Gorgonzella turns out to be not quite what she first appeared, and her friends, the slobbering Grymdlehack Troll, the Wasteland Ogres, the Sea Hags, Red Wolves and the Black Crows, are not  as friendly at all. With the night fast approaching, a scary chase through the forest begins . . .

Can the faeries escape . . . who knows?

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